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Organic Seasonal Fruits

Authentic Himayat Mango
3 Kg

Safe - Carbide-free, Authentic - Local Farmer, Tasty - Authentic taste

Banaganpally Mangoes
3 Kg

Safe - Carbide-free, Authentic - Local Farmer, Tasty - Authentic taste

Authentic Shahi Lychee
1 Kg

Safe - Chemical-free, Authentic - Direct from farm, Tasty - Authentic taste

Our Digital FarmersMarket

We’re a Leading Provider of Organic Products in Hyderabad

Locate Authentic Farmers

We locate organic farmers & traders spread across India.

Provide Market

Info of the produce available pan India.

Quality Control

On your behalf, we take care of the on ground hassle.

Procure Authentic

We procure authentic material from farmers and deliver.

What We Do

Digitizing the Agriculture and Food businesses.


Jeevamrut’s vision is to bring a health revolution in the food and agri industry through innovation in technology and food supply chain. This has direct impact on farmer’s income level, soil fertility improvement and consumer’s health. We work on the principle of ‘Natural farming’ and ‘Food as Medicines’.



across 5 states

Farm land ( acres)

Converted across TS, AP, MH, KA…

Key Problems

Two key problems in food supply chain – Inefficiency and un sustainability! On one side – 60% of farm produce gets wasted from harvesting till it reaches consumer’s place due to inefficient supply chain. One other side – Unsustainable farm production and food processing practices results in land degradation for planet and chronic diseases for people. ~36.7% of Indian land suffers degradation as Land degradation data in 2016. ~64% of deaths in India are due to chronic diseases and major contributor is Food and lifestyle.

Problem Statement

Problems of current organic / natural farming industry


Jeevamrut's Solution


Jeevamrut offers sustainable food practices, efficient supply chain solutions and market serving 3Ps for ecosystem

  • Profit (for farmers)
  • People (Good health)
  • Planet (improving health)

Our Key Values / Principles





paper lanterns



Onboarding Criteria

Jeevamrut Partner Onboarding

Partner onboarding criteria for Farmers & Brands

  • Natural/Organic
  • Small and Medium Scale
  • Chemical-free
  • Not mass-manufactured
  • Hand made
  • Cruelty Free

Provides natural farming training, audits our farms, calls us Annadatas, pays us timely, and transparency with consumers

We had a really amazing experience working with Firstly, Jeevamrut visited us 4,5 months before the actual crop started and thoroughly analyzed our natural methods of farming, after making sure we use only organic methods they agreed to onboard us. Jeevamrut served as a bridge between us and customers providing us with good price.



Thank you Jeevamrut team once again for serving us with great zeal and passion.

Thankyou Jeevamrut team for making Mihirs bday the most memorable one by delivering his super favourite Hapus(Alphonso) mangoes. We all enjoyed the yummiest mangoes and everyone gobbled up the milkshake and the mangoes in no time! Thank you Jeevamrut team once again for serving us with great zeal and passion.

Pranita Pande


Jeevamrut is a blessing for diabetic patients to control sugar levels, as we have to consume lot of raw vegetables as salads

Dear Jeevamrut team, Thank you for the organic freshly harvested leafy vegetables. All the leafy vegetables are excellent and can be used directly as salads without any fear of pollutants in it. These organic leafy vegetables enables diabetic persons to control their sugar levels excellently. Your step of cultivating organic veggies is wonderful. The day is not far off that people will like only to consume organic foods.

Naganath Bodhankar

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