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Why cold pressed and why not Refined oils ?

We all love eating different tasty foods and who doesn’t like to munch on tasty snacks and dishes? But to prepare something that tasty we use a whole lot of different ingredients and the most used ingredient is oil. But how much do you know about the oil you’re using? How is it made? Is it giving you the essential nutrients your body needs or is it taking away your health? Do you know the process followed to prepare that oil? Sources for those ingredients? Too many questions pop up in our minds when we actually start thinking about the food we are consuming. There are oil brands who give us visibility on these questions and those oils are present on our website

Before getting into that do you have a question on why not refined oils which we’re already using for years? Let me tell you how harmful it is for your health.

Say no to refined oils X

Do you know that several research studies have linked the consumption of refined oils to diabetes, cancer and heart disease?

Refined oil is a processed, purified, filtered, and distilled form of the natural oil, which is acquired after treating the oil with several chemicals and preservatives like hexane. The manufacturers also hydrogenate these oils to enhance their shelf life. Through hydrogenation, the companies convert liquid unsaturated fat into a solid fat by putting hydrogen into it. During this process, excess trans-fat gets formed in the oil. 

This creating and refining process of the refined oils leads to rancid polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFA formation, which is incapable of holding up high heat. The smell of these oils is so raw that the companies have to deodorise it by adding bleach. 

Also, you will have no visibility on how these oils are prepared, where are the ingredients sourced from and many more.

If you are still thinking, “is refined oil harmful to health? then please watch the video shared below:

Hence, Jeevamrut provides only authentic cold-pressed oils and all the questions one has in their mind are answered below.

Why Coldpressed?

What is the process to extract oil?

The method used to extract oil is the wood-pressed method. The wood-pressed method is used as the friction is less which results in lesser heat generation which in turn helps in nutrient retention. Then the oil is naturally filtered i.e. after extraction oil is stored in a 15 litre vessel for 2-3 days so that the mud particles settle down. During this process almost up to a litre of oil will be wasted. Later after 2-3 days, we can see the difference between the upper layer of oil and the lower layer of oil.

Why is the wooden pressed method used and why not the Iron machine method?

The wood pressed method is used as the friction is less which results in lesser heat generation which in turn helps in nutrient retention whereas the friction is higher in the Iron machine method where the heat generated is high and it results in losing nutrients from the oil.

Brand that is giving the highest visibility?

99 crystals is a brand that works with small farmers and producers who use sustainable agricultural practices passed down over generations so that our valid consumers taste nature’s most nutrient-rich grains, seeds, sweeteners, and other earthy ingredients. 

They travel to farms and processing units to ensure product quality and strive for continuous improvements. They spend much time with farmers to source the best quality organic produce available to bring to your doorstep and believe that people deserve to eat “Real Food”. They carefully select their farmers based on a shared commitment to their quality, safety, and sustainability.

But where are the seeds sourced from?

Some seeds like Groundnuts, Sesame are sourced from trusted farmers in Kurnool. Their farmers do not use fertilizers or any other harmful chemicals. Instead, they use organic compounds like Jeevamrut and biofertilizers for pests.

Do you know what’s unique?

They use glass bottles to store and sell them because, according to ancient traditions, using glass bottles will help retain the quality of the oil for up to two years.

Where can you find these oils?

You can order these oils now at or by texting to our number 9573123971. Jeevamrut Naturals supports farmers with marketing, technology, and logistic support and in serving healthy organic and natural food to consumers.


Contact: 9573123971

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