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Papaya(Carica papaya) it is also known as papaw or paw paw .it grows in tropical climate .it is also called as fruits of angels .Their sweets taste wide variety of health benefits Papaya are soft , fleshly fruit that can be used in wide variety of culinary ways. According to food agriculture organization of United Nations (FAO) India produce most papaya over 5 million tons in 2013
Benefits of papaya
➢ Regular digestive system
Papaya contain proteolytic and papain enzymes .These enzymes help to break down and digest protein
➢ Improve heart health
Papaya is power house for vitamins and minerals. It’s support function cardiovascular system. Papaya also helps
to reduce heart attack
➢ Reduce your risk of cancer
Papaya has anti cancer properties that can protect different types of cancer including that cervix, breast, liver, lung and
➢ Help with weight loss
This is low calorie fruit excellent fruit for weight loss. Papaya add to your weight loss diet 100gram contain 43
➢ For skin
Papaya can give glow skin because it helps to remove dead cell. It keeps our skin hydrated also

➢ Great for eye sight
Papaya beta-carotene turn in vitamin A in body keep your eyes healthy. It’s antioxidants reduce to tear retina and
➢ Deals with irregular periods
Papaya fruit stimulates the oestrogen harmone in body and it’s helps to regulate ease flow of blood during periods
➢ A boom for immunity
Papaya is already known that deals with immunity boosting fruit. Papaya is packed with iron, folate, B6, calcium,
vitamin A, C, B1,B3 ,B5, E, K and potassium
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By paripelli Sankeerth

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