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Why Jeevamrut?

We at Jeevamrut are working with a vision to create healthy society. Consumers are looking for trustworthy natural and organic products free of any chemicals. On this mission, we are working with passionate entrepreneurs who believe in providing authentic natural or organic products and allied services. Come and be part of this mission to build healthy India!!

What are benefits of becoming Jeevamrut Seller?

Your Identity: The customers shopping will get to see your name and it helps in your brand building.
Right Customer: Your are now part of ecosystem where only organic and natural products are sold. You have got your right customer!!
Technology: You get Seller dashboard which help you get visibility on new orders and status of existing orders. No need to go through painful process of consolidating orders through messages, payment collections/follow ups etc.
Supply Chain: You get to leverage our last mile delivery service. So now you can relax and not worry about last mile delivery.

How to get onboarded as Jeevamrut Seller?

Request your interest through below registration link and our Seller onboarding team will help you get onboarded on our platform.
Please feel free to contact us on +91 8208512399

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