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Fresh, Juicy, Pulpy & tasty are some of the adjectives used to describe a mango and they rightfully deserve to be described in such way. This tropical fruit touted as the ‘King of Fruits’, has always been the fan-favorite and loved by everyone.

My earliest memory of the fruit is when I was a kid and almost everyone in the class would unanimously reply with the answer ‘mango’ when asked what our favorite fruit was! I always dreaded the summer heat and the only thing that I looked forward to for an entire year is a 2-month long summer vacation coupled with some juicy and delicious mangoes.

The thing about mangoes is that they are so eye-catchy, and its sweet scent and color would instantly make people fall in love with them. I would easily spot the mango sellers with a huge pile of rich-yellow-orange ripe mangoes in a bustling Sunday market. They always required minimal efforts to sell their fruits & yet people would swarm around them to get their share of mangoes of the season. Mangoes have always been special to me for multiple reasons but the memories surrounding them are so special that I couldn’t help but notice that everyone around me always has fond memories with it.

My parents would always share how they would fight with their siblings for the best piece of mango or the times when they would steal mangoes from their neighbors! As they bit into the succulent mangoes, they would often remind us that they have
had better and chemical free mangoes in their childhood. I wouldn’t deny, that the quality has been compromised over the years as the costs have increased and it led to some drastic measures effecting the overall quality.

I’ve always experienced great conversations around a plate of sliced mangoes with my loved ones. As you indulge in the magic of Mangifera Indica, we would like you to share your experience with our 100% Authentic and Naturally ripened mangoes.
Grab your box of mangoes today and let us know your fond memories with us!

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