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Well-known among the varieties of mango is “Alphonso”. It is the taste and aroma of Alphonso that the world desires so much. Most of the cultivation is done in Maharashtra. Our Mangos are cultivated in Devgad, Maharashtra called Devagad alphonso Mango.

Fast Facts about Alphonso:
✓ Upon his first visit to India in 2006, president of the United States, George. W. Bush claimed that he never tasted a fruit better than Alphonso mango.
✓ US and India got into a deal to import Alphonso mangoes into the USA in exchange for Harley bikes.
✓ Alphonso is the most valued variety of mango in the world.
✓ Britain got its first Alphonso export back in 1953, on the crowing day of the queen.

How to identify it?

It is somewhere in an oval-shaped stone with a semi-hard single sizeable kidney-shaped seed with a single embryo.


Alphonso has a sweet creamy taste to it along with its smooth texture and juicy pulp. It has got a unique scent due to the presence of myrcene, a chemical found in plants.

Alphonso Season

Alphonso mangoes are available during Indian summers. Mostly between the months of March mid and May. The time period of availability ranges between 6 and 8 weeks.

Uniqueness of Ratnagiri and Devgad

Both of the locations are from Maharashtra and are well-known for the cultivation of Alphonso Mangoes. The overall topographic conditions of the places make them unique. The mangoes cultivated here cannot be compared to the rest of India. Mangoes from both the places are top notch and best in its class.

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